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Facilitating better healthcare management decision-making through accurate data reconciliation.

More than 100 years of management experience in the field of coding, coding validation and analysis.

Our highly specialized services offer:

  • Financial resources returned to claims payers.
  • Identifies up to 3% of paid claims dollars.
  • Thoroughly assesses scope of overpayment problems and highlights claims risk levels using our proprietary TAPRx Review.
  • Targets an area that is aligned with one of payers' highest expenditures.
  • Proactively provides increased levels of payment control.
  • Identifies trends in payee and payer system errors.
  • Facilitates better healthcare management decision-making through accurate data reconciliation, allowing for accurate healthcare outcome analysis.
  • Provides coding education to healthcare providers.
  • Ensures future claims face some risk of review, creating future deterrent to providers.
  • Delivers the advantage of broad experience in payer, hospital and peer review organization environments.

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